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Tuition + Policies

Tuition at Crosstown

Tuition + Policies

Tuition at Crosstown is based on full-time enrollment (we do not offer part-time programming)

Crosstown cares for children from families living at all points on the socioeconomic spectrum. Many of our children benefit from childcare subsidies from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and tribal assistance.

Tuition rates are reviewed annually, and are current as of 07/16/2024.

Rates are as follows:

6 weeks
to 12 months

$285 per week

13 months
to 24 months

$275 per week

25 months
to 36 months

$240 per week

37 months
to 48 months

$240 per week

49 months
to 72 months

$230 per week

TPS Before
& After Care

$155 per week

TPS Before
Care Only

$65 per week

TPS After
Care Only

$100 per week

Other Charges:

There is a $50.00 enrollment fee for the first child due at time of enrollment. There is a $15.00 enrollment fee for each additional child in the family. For child(ren) who are withdrawn or remove themselves from Crosstown, re-enrollment fees will be applied to their balance. They are the same as the enrollment fees.

$2.50 Charge per day for children left at the center over 10 hours – Due before children are left the following day.

$5.00 for the first minute and $1.00 a minute late charge per child for children left after 5:30 p.m. – due before the children are left the following day.

$11.00 Charge for a returned check – due immediately.

EBT transactions are due daily. A log is maintained to help track missed EBT transactions. However, the client is fully responsible for any missed swipes. If DHS does not pay the client is responsible for the charges due for that day.