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Community Engagement

Crosstown participates in collaborative partnerships with educational, therapeutic, and service organizations throughout the Tulsa area. We welcome volunteers, interns, and curious minds. It’s important to us to connect with our community—both through the services we provide and in the neighborhood where we are located.

When we designed our new school building in 2015, it was important for us to be inclusive of the neighborhood around us and inspire a community-building energy throughout Kendall Whittier North. We dedicated some of our new building to a 66-person capacity community room; community organizations and neighborhood safety groups meet free of charge, and other nonprofit organizations host trainings and seminars. The room is also available for rent.

Kendall Whittier North

We are working to increase our profile in the Tulsa community, especially in Kendall Whittier on both sides of I-244. Please let us know if you have any ideas or want to play a role in Crosstown’s success by emailing our managing director, Darek Latta.